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Work From Home With Fiverr (Beginners Guide)

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Performing freelancing is one of the most profitable work online today. If you deliver real value to people, they will pay and will avail of your services regularly. Start your freelancing career with Fiverr. It is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services claiming to have facilitated 950+ services per hour last year.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where freelancers offer services to customers worldwide. People can find jobs ranging from graphic design, voice-over talents, social media marketing, proofreading, translation jobs, virtual assistance, copywriting, and others. Fiverr connects aspiring freelancers also called (sellers) with customers looking for a specific services. You can start by registering with Fiverr and posting a gig.

A gig is the service that you offer on Fiverr.
If a buyer (customer) avails of your services, you get to keep 80% and the rest goes to Fiverr. You can set your gigs price from $5 or more. Requesting for payout is available 14 days after fulfilling an order.

Who can Work on Fiverr?

Fiverr accepts individuals worldwide, wherever you are located. Deliver good work and services to your respective clients, even at the comfort of your bed. Always remember to be honest and keep to your gig description. Get work done faster, with confidence, become a freelancer, Be your own Boss, work and get paid.

Mode of Payments

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Fiverr Revenue Card

Getting started on Fiverr (beginners guide)

So now you are set to start working on Fiverr, below are (6) helpful tips/guides to help you start right and get the quick sales and a positive customer feedbacks on your gigs.

  1. Observe the overall market prize for top-rated sellers on that specific gig and consider pricing your services below it, especially if you’re just starting out, nothing less than $5
  2. Be truthful with your gig. Put up an honest tittle and description
  3. Another tips for getting fast sale and positive reviews is to set a complete and good profile descriptions with your personal photo or a good image that represents what you offer. This can boost your client trust and will want to choose you for the job
  4. Be available all the time, reply to inquiries as fast as you can, take your gig seriously like your real life business (because it is) you don’t want to keep your clients waiting. Buyers have a lot of options, if they can go to another seller for inquiries, they definitely can not wait for you. Delay is bad for business.
  5. Don’t over work yourself or take too many tasks which you won’t accomplish on time and thus deliver poor quality service. Don’t be greedy!. Learn to say ‘no’. Plan your time properly and stay organized
  6. Provide your customers with the best service you got. Always ask them to leave feedbacks on your services. This is also important as delivering quality work. A good reviews/feedbacks will boost your appearance and attract more clients to you.

Join the world of freelancers. Get your skills working for you. With the right mindset and determination, anyone can make a living online on Fiverr and other freelancing website.

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