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Create a Successful Facebook Fan Page (5 Tips)

Facebook fan page

Consider this, Many of your prospects are already Facebook members and a good chunk of these members are logging into Facebook every single day and that means that if you don’t have a presence on Facebook, you’re missing out on a great marketing and communications channel.
Now, there are a couple different ways that you can establish a presence on, including through paid advertisements. However, one of the most powerful (and free) methods is by setting up a Facebook fan page.
If you want to create a successful Fan Page, you need to follow these five tips…

1. Get your page ready for guests

When you first start creating your Fan Page, you’ll notice that Facebook asks you early on if you want to start inviting your friends to see it. Just skip this step and don’t make your page public until you’ve started adding content to it. Otherwise, your page will look like a ghost town, which won’t inspire anyone to like it (i.e., you won’t have any fans or followers).

2. Commit to updating your page

Plenty of business owners start strong when they start a Fan Page. They populate their new Page with good content, they run contests, they engage with their readers. But then after a few weeks they lose interest, and when the business owner loses interest, you can bet the fans will too.
Bottom line: Make a point of posting to your Page at least once a week… but preferably more

3. Offer a mix of content

Sometimes you’ll post tips. Sometimes you’ll post videos. And sometimes you’ll post purely promotional content, such as discount, offers, coupons or product announcements. However, don’t make the mistake of offering just one type of content.
Example: Don’t just post one promotion after another. Your Fans didn’t click the “like” button on your page to read nothing but ads. They clicked “like” because they wanted you to socialize and share content. Never forget that.

4. Get Interactive

Facebook is a social media platform. It’s built to be interactive, a place for people to share content and discuss this content.
So if you’re creating a one-sided conversation (a monologue), then you’re going against what your Fans expect from a Facebook page. The solution? Get interactive, every day. You can do this by:
Encouraging your Fans to post relevant content on your Page.
Personally commenting on your Fan’s posts.
Asking specifically for comments and feedback to foster discussion.

5. Tap into the viral aspects

Every time someone likes your Page or likes the content on your page, and that Fan’s friends see a link to your page. A portion of these friends may join your page. And every time they click the like button, it shows up in their news feed for all their friends to see. That’s why it’s so important for you to tap into the viral aspect of Facebook.
How? Like this:
Encourage your Fans to “like” your content. For example, you can have your Fans “vote” on something by clicking the “like” button on the post, photo or video that they like best.
Post like-worthy content. This includes super-useful tips, videos, extraordinary discounts, niche-relevant news scoops, funny photos or videos, etc.
Tell your Fans to share your content. Yes, there is a share button, but you’ll get even more people using it if you create a specific call to action. For example: Do you have any friends who’d love this video? Click the ‘share’ button now to show it to them!”.
In summary, you can’t build a Fan Page and expect it to magically generate all the leads and fans you need. But follow these five (5) tips you just learned, and a Fan Page will go a long ways in helping you grow your business!
And that’s it, I hope this little tips helps you in creating a successful Facebook page.

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